Officers and Staff

Sumit Gupta Director, Chairman and President of SCF
Sumit Gupta
President, Chairman and Director

Sumit Gupta is CEO of SAGA Construction, Inc., and as such, Sumit has been an integral part in participating in community assistance with other members of the SAGA firm for the last two years before forming SCF. Local community need has grown over these past few years…

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Brandie Cavanaugh

Brandie Cavanaugh is Office Manager of SAGA Realty & Construction and we’re proud to have her on the SAGA Community Focus Board as Secretary. She typifies the multifaceted person employed by SAGA who brings a wealth of local community knowledge and a love for the people of the Outer Banks…

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Sam Angelo

Sam is a CPA who worked in public practice before coming on board with SAGA Construction. He has not-for-profit experience through serving on the board of OBX Room In The Inn where he was treasurer for two years. In his free time you will find him surfing, playing disc golf, or sitting on the beach reading with his Fiancee Katie and their dog Arya.